A Note from Dana

"The Web Diva"

A thoughtfully and creatively structured website creates a window into your company. There is much to consider...the demographics of your targeted audience; the layout of your site (frames versus buttons, color choices); and most importantly, how to apply your mission statement to your marketing efforts.

I believe a basically structured website can be attractive and reach unlimited amounts of customers, regardless of connection speeds (dial-up, DSL, FIOS) or method of connection (laptop, desktop, mobile).

I will bring my artistry and experience to your website and communicate extensively to ensure your happiness with the project as it progresses.
  • Starting out? I can help you register a domain name and select a hosting package.
  • Have a website? I can offer suggestions to help reach more customers or streamline your page.
  • Add your blog or link your social media accounts
  • Embed a slideshow from your photo gallery site
  • Talk to me about expanding your branding! Your website can be easily tied in with existing business cards and brochures.
  • Need to make business cards and brochures? Talk to me about that too!
The internet is here to stay. The best websites keep developing. Let's work together to make sure your website is the most effective it can be!

Portfolio samples:

Mark Schwartz-Aries Designs        www.AriesDesigns.net

Free Spirit Planet   www.FreeSpiritPlanet.com

Please contact me for additional samples of my design work and to discuss your webpage!

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